Find Your Fit

The key to creating your perfect wardrobe of bras is knowing your correct size.
Reportedly, about 75 percent of American women don’t wear the right size bra.
This statistic is supported by the fact that most women are unaware their bra size
will change over the years as they experience the different stages of life. For this
reason it’s important to get fit properly on a regular basis.

The best way to be fitted is to schedule a consultation with an experienced fit
expert at an intimate apparel retailer that you trust. A knowledgeable fit specialist
is like a good friend who will never lead you astray. Your bra size is determined by
measuring two factors: the band and the bust.

If you prefer to figure out your size on your own, follow these simple guidelines to
find your perfect fit.


Step 1: Measure Your Band

There are two ways to find your band size. We recommend using both to double
check your results.

The first approach is to hold a measuring tape parallel to the floor and bring it
under your arms and around to the center of your chest. Hold the tape against
the skin but not too tightly and round up any odd number to the next even
number for your size.

The second method is to bring the tape around and under your bust – across your
ribcage – rounding up any odd numbers to the next even one for your size.

If your number is odd, add five to it to determine your band size. If it’s an even
number, add four.


Step 2: Measure Your Bust

Bring the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breast. Again, make sure
not to hold the tape against your bust too tightly and keep in mind that this point
will be different on every woman since women carry the fullness in different parts
of their bust. Round up to the nearest whole number for your bust size.


Step 3: Determine Your Bra Size

Now you’re ready to do some easy math to figure out your bra size.
Subtract the band size from the bust size and the difference indicates the cup size.

Each inch represents a cup size. Therefore, a 1-inch difference between the band
and bust sizes means you’re an A cup, 2 inches is a B cup, 3 inches is a C cup and 4
inches is a D cup.

If you have a 28-inch band and a 32-inch bust, your correct bra size is a 32D.

Remember that today’s perfect size isn’t necessarily next year’s so please repeat
this process regularly to ensure you’re as comfortable as you can be in your Red
Daisy bras and will perform to your full fitness potential. You deserve it.