Our Story

"I believe real style and beauty is all around us. Feeling good starts with what lies underneath. Setting the stage with a stunning undergarment can set off a spark in you and people will take notice. A lovely bra is the closest thing to your heart!"


Sports have always shaped the life of Red Daisy founder Phylise Sands.  
Growing up, and to this day she is passionate about skiing, tennis and
horseback riding, becoming an avid runner at the age of 20. 
Phylise pursued her personal best in many sports without making
concessions, except when it came to her sports bras.  Like many
fashionable women, she had worn many brands that provided adequate
support, but did not satisfy her need to feel glamorous and chic.
Determined to wear sports bras where style meets function,
she committed to designing “Sports Lingerie” with special attention
to design details and fit in mind! 
The concept behind the Red Daisy brand took shape when Phylise
identified a large demand for a sleek, supportive bra that “functions like
a sports bras but does not look like one.”  She set out to help women find
a superior fit and performance in not only sports bras but coordinating
bottoms as well.  She embraced the same concept in her bottoms,
incorporating fit, support and panache without sacrificing appearance
and style. 
Designing and producing goods for the intimate apparel industry is a family
tradition starting with her grandfather.  Making embroideries on Swiss machines,
he catered to the large lingerie houses. The beautiful embroidered daisies
that fascinated Phylise coming out of the machines, and her own red hair,
inspired Phylise to name her brand Red Daisy™.
With the concept for Red Daisy in place, Phylise began the process
of bringing the line to market.  Having studied architecture at Pratt Institute
in New York and visual arts at Syracuse University, and being the daughter
of a world renowned Industrial Designer, she had a keen understanding
of form and function and applied it to set a fashionable new standard
of sports bras and pants. 
Over four years, she partnered with the global intimate apparel industry’s
top suppliers to develop a state-of–the-art line of sports bras, work-out bottoms
and tops using premium materials and technology.  Silky soft, yet strong,
patented Sensitive® Fabrics from EuroJersey SPA, one of the finest Italian mills,
were combined with quality components in her signature designs.
The bras were engineered to put most of the support in the bra cups, instead
of relying on bulky straps to provide the support.  “I am trying to show women
that you do not need to wear an unflattering bra to achieve support,”
Phylise says.  “My bras and bottoms are much more flattering and supportive
then most other styles that have more coverage.” 
Phylise has dedicated proceeds from the sales of all of Red Daisy’s red bras
to benefit breast cancer research and treatment programs year-round.  
She had longed to find a meaningful way to support the fight against breast
cancer since the fateful day in 2005 when she learned of the simultaneous 
diagnoses of her mother and younger sister.  

While her mother’s cancer was treated successfully, her sister’s case is more
advanced and requires treatment that continues to this day. 

Phylise Sands, who balances her fitness endeavors with running her business
and her life as a dedicated wife and mother of three, achieved her goal of making 
Red Daisy  a reality with the same determination she exhibits throughout her sporting life.